Specializing in the following:    

  • Progressive die design
  • Four-slide and multi-slide® tooling design

With the capacity to design the following type of tools:        

  • Progressive dies – 10 to 1000 ton capacity, in die tapping, in die assembly, high- speed progressive dies.                                        
  • Multi-slide® tooling – #28, #33, #35, #620 U.S. Baird multi-slide® dies and form tools.

 Designing tooling for various industries as follows: 

  • Small electrical parts such as terminals, contacts, and heat sinks for the consumer electronic industry.
  • Automotive parts such as electrical components and larger hardware type components.
  • Consumer appliance component parts for washers, dryers, space heaters, and various other consumer industry parts.
  • Medical industry component parts for medical instruments.